Welcome to the Kennedy
Redware Pottery Studio

Selinda Kennedy specializes in redware pottery and has developed her own line by incorporating historic folk art motifs from song and book plate vignettes, Pennsylvanian German frakturs, powder horn engravings, period redware, cast iron firebacks and needlework in private collections and museums.

Selinda  opened her Muncy studio in 1989 and developed a signature line of redware pottery employing 17th, 18th and 19th century motifs, inspired by famous examples of folk art found in museums and private collections. These traditional designs are derived primarily from German folk art imagery, song and book plate vignettes, powder horn engravings, frakturs and more.

“Through personal experimentation and research of period designs, I hope to continue to create a unique collection of symbolic images, combined with new color combinations and detail,” she said. “I use historic shapes and antique forms to mold my canvas, using a terra cotta clay body. These pieces are decorated with colorful slips, engobes and glazes. Each color is formulated and applied with brushes and sponges, and then detail is applied with a fine brush. These pieces are fired in the bisque and then they are glazed and fired again.”

Kennedy Redware Pottery